Welcome to the New 91.3 FM, providing public radio to the Permian Basin. 

West Texas Public Radio (KXWT “Across West Texas”) relaunched at 91.3 FM with new ownership, new programming, and a stronger signal in May 2012. Its sister station, Marfa Public Radio, operates in the Big Bend region.

In the Press:


Columbia Journalism Review, “How A Vibrant Public Radio Station Rose in the West Texas Desert.” March 3rd 2015

Public Radio For the Permian Basin
Our mission is to provide radio that unites the community and promotes cultural enrichment through presentation and focus on the importance of art, education, science, quality of life and the local economy.

KXWT Board Members
Al Davis, Interim President
Royce Mitchell, Treasurer
Ginger Griffice, Secretary
Bill Dingus
Chris Douridas
Lee Anna Good
Cory Van Dyke
Liz Rogers
Barbara Fountain Love
Steph Steele
Woody Leverett
Deirdre Hisler

KXWT Staff
Elise Pepple, General Manager elise@kxwt.org
Sara Melancon, Office Manager sara@kxwt.org
Carlos Morales, Morning Edition Host/Reporter carlos@kxwt.org
Jackson Wisdorf, All Things Considered Host jackson@kxwt.org
Laurel Keenan-Coniglio, Development laurel@kxwt.org
John Cone, Engineer john@kxwt.org
Diana Nguyen, West Texas Talk Coordinator diana@kxwt.org
Bayla Metzger, Intern bayla@kxwt.org
Elizabeth Trovall, Intern elizabeth@kxwt.org
Caroline Halter, Intern caroline@kxwt.org

KXWT welcomes Caroline Halter and Elizabeth Trovall to the First Session of 2017.

West Texas Public Radio is currently putting a pause on the internship program. Check back in Spring 2018 for new information.

Code of Ethics
West Texas Public Radio supports the values represented by the Public Media Code of Integrity. It is a family-friendly organization that offers healthcare benefits to its employees and an environmentally-conscious workspace that encourages recycling.

Code of Diversity
West Texas Public Radio knows that a diverse workforce, management team, governing body, and Community Advisory Board contribute greatly to our knowledge and understanding of the diverse communities in West Texas, and to our ability to deliver content and services that will help us attract, grow and engage audiences and help them to achieve their full potential. We endeavor to recruit from a broad pool of candidates enabling us to hire and promote qualified candidates with a variety of cultural and ethnic backgrounds, personal experiences and characteristics, and talents that reasonably reflect the diverse needs and interests of the communities served by KXWT.

West Texas Public Radio will continue to explore new opportunities for achieving and promoting this diversity and to monitor and evaluate our success. West Texas Public Radio meets the standards of federal and state law, our Equal Employment Opportunity policy, and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting’s Diversity Eligibility Criteria.

Local Content
West Texas Public Radio broadcasts public service announcements, with a specific, formal component designed to be of special service to the educational communities, to minority communities, and to diverse audiences. We broadcast community activities information and host community events that serve these communities in West Texas. We also partner with area schools and community non-profits.

KXWT Advisory Board Members
Glenn Rogers
Jack Blake
Art Leal
Stephanie Rivas
Barbara Chappell
Becky Ferguson

These are the organization’s most current audited financial statements: Marfa Public Radio FY14 Audit and MPR-990-2014. Here is our latest EEO document: EEO_Report_2015-16. These are the MPR Board of Director Meeting Minutes of 2015. To date in 2016, here are the approved board meeting minutes: MPR Board Minutes 160122. For information on other reports, please contact the station at 432-580-9130. The most recent meeting of the Board of Directors was held at the station headquarters on February 12. The next meeting is slated for Friday, May 13.

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