Underwrite With Us

Widen your range with underwriting on KXWT Odessa-Midland!

Give our Development Team a call at 432-729-4578 to get rates and additional information.

Our reach is Large! We reach all the way from the Border to the Basin, and you can, too. Underwriting on our stations can help you and your business reach a wide range of listeners in an area the size of South Carolina!

We create clear, direct messages based on your goals. Our engaged listening audience hears your message in a clean and clutter-free listening environment, and our devoted fans connect your business with community engagement, quality and credibility.

Who are our listeners? KXWT West Texas Public Radio serves the Permian Basin listening area, including Odessa, Midland, Big Spring, Stanton, Andrews, Monahans, Crane, Garden City and beyond. We have an audience of 275,000+ potential listeners in the Basin who could support your business or attend your event!

Your on-air message will stand out! KXWT provides the Midland-Odessa community with non-commercial NPR news, local news programming, and exciting local music programs all year long. Since joining forces with Marfa Public Radio in 2011, West Texas Public Radio has tripled its listening audience.

Enhance your business’s reputation and connect with a quality audience. As a local supporter of KXWT, you will earn the gratitude and respect of our listeners.  

National research on shows that public radio listeners tend to be more affluent, better educated, more engaged-active citizens; an excellent audience for your business to reach. Public radio listeners have a high regard for companies that  support their local public radio station- 70% of listeners hold a positive opinion about public radio sponsors, and 65% percent prefer to buy products and services from public radio sponsors. As an underwriter, you will be supporting a local resource that they value. (source: NPR Sponsorship Survey, 2016.)