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Case targeting Texas’ statewide elections of judges goes to trial today

A trial starting Monday in federal court will test Texas’ nearly 150-year-old system of statewide elections to the state’s two highest courts.

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Don’t Expect Shuttered Abortion Clinics to Reopen Soon

While the Supreme Court handed Texas abortion providers a major victory Monday by overturning two key restrictions from the state’s 2013 abortion law, providers say they don’t expect abortion clinics that shuttered in wake of the law to reopen soon. Along with … Continue reading

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Supreme Court Strikes Down Abortion Restrictions In Texas

The justices ruled 5-3 that a Texas law setting requirements for clinics that provide abortions — a law that was expected to cause many clinics to close — was unconstitutional.

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Supreme Court Tie Deals Blow to Obama’s Immigration Order

Dealing a major blow to President Obama’s controversial executive immigration order, the U.S. Supreme Court announced Thursday it had deadlocked on a lower court’s decision to block the plan, which would’ve provided relief from deportation and work permits to millions … Continue reading

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Merrick Garland Is Named As President Obama’s Supreme Court Nominee

A former prosecutor, federal judge Merrick Garland will visit Capitol Hill Thursday to begin meeting with legislators, Obama said.

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Pronouncing a Supreme Court Justice Dead in West Texas

The Big Bend region of West Texas is known for its enormous ranches and large, sparsely populated counties. And this can be a problem when people need county services, especially emergency services. And it doesn’t matter if you’re an ordinary … Continue reading

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