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Texas Farmworker: 1966 Strike ‘Was Like Heading Into War’

In the summer of 1966, farmworkers staged a historic march across Texas to protest low wages and poor working conditions. Fifty years later, some of them are telling their stories for the first time.

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150 Years Later, History of the Buffalo Soldiers Remains Obscure for Many

150 years ago this week, the first entirely black army regiment was formed. Later nicknamed the Buffalo Soldiers, these regiments were critical to America’s westward expansion but have been largely forgotten in history books and popular culture. If you’re not … Continue reading

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John Hinckley, Who Tried To Kill A President, Wins His Freedom

A federal judge in Washington will allow John Hinckley to leave a mental institution and to live full-time with his mother. Hinckley shot President Ronald Reagan and three others in 1981.

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Scholars and Activists Lambast Proposed Mexican-American Studies Textbook

If the State Board of Education approves a proposed Mexican-American studies textbook this fall, Texas students could learn that the Aztecs waged war because of “bloodlust,” 19th-century Mexican industrial laborers often drank on the job and slavery was in swift decline just before the Civil … Continue reading

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Harvesting History In The Southwest

A part of Arizona’s history all but disappeared when the United States-Mexico border was created about 160 years ago. Recently, National Parks and museums on both sides of the border have begun working together to revitalize and preserve a living … Continue reading

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