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West Texas Talk features interviews with community members discussing issues that affect our region, along with upcoming local programs and events. You’ll hear from local and visiting, artists, musicians, authors, scientists, and other interesting personalities.

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Recently on West Texas Talk:

Tuesday, Nov 28, 2017:
Dr. Timothy Morton & Ballroom Marfa Discuss “Hyperobjects”

Ballroom Marfa’s upcoming exhibit is called Hyperobjects – a term that Dr. Timothy Morton came up with to describe massive phenomena like climate change. In this episode of West Texas Talk, Morton, Ballroom Marfa’s Laura Copelin, and Nance Klehm talk about how they’re using art to help us wrap our minds around “hyperobjects.”

The exhibit is slated to open in April 2018. 

Friday, Nov 24, 2017:
Youth Media Podcast Rebroadcast

This episode was originally broadcast on May 24, 2017.

From I Love Dick to tourism-oriented media, Marfa has been in the news a lot lately. Today on West Texas Talk, we feature a podcast produced by our Youth Media student reporters about their lives in Marfa. The podcast was produced by 10 high school students at Marfa ISD with help from Sally Beauvais and Zoe Kurland. It includes segments on tourism, housing, cruising around town (a favorite student pastime), Marfa’s various forms of trailer park, and The xx’s music video shoot in Marfa.

This year’s student reporters were Coy Dominguez, Kaci Flores, Ricky Guevara, Damian Hernandez, Kat Hinojos, Christian Muench, Alyssa Olvera, Lalli Sanchez, Kendra Serrano, and Erik Vasquez.

For more, check our Youth Media Soundcloud and Facebook pages.

Thursday, Nov 23, 2017:
Thanksgiving Special: “My Life as a Wild Turkey” from With Good Reason

For tonight’s show, we broadcast an episode from the podcast With Good Reason called “My Life as a Wild Turkey.”

World-renowned naturalist Joe Hutto, subject of the Emmy winning BBC documentary “My Life As a Turkey”, discusses how he became a wild turkey mother in the hammocks of Florida. Plus, Eric Walden gives a play-by-play of the ninja-like moves of the wild turkey—mid-air. The once-scorned bronze-feathered turkey is making a comeback, with the help of organic, free-range farmers like Paul Kelly. Also, Jay Sullivan sends his students off to Thanksgiving Break with a poem about a young engineer’s ingenuity and of course, a turkey.

Wednesday, Nov 22, 2017:
Avocational Historian and Archeologist Louis Aulbach

On the day before Thanksgiving, a conversation about early settlers…of the Big Bend region. Avocational historian and archeologist, Louis Aulbach, has been studying this area of Texas for decades. He shares stories of what brought people to this part of the Chihuahuan desert, how they survived, and what makes their stories important.

Tuesday, Nov 21, 2017:
Live Storytelling: “First Times” at Sul Ross University with KSRU

This is the full version of the “First Times” live storytelling event that took place on November 16, 2017 at Sul Ross University. This event was planned by Megan Wilde and her communication students with the university’s radio station, KSRU

  • Dr. Stuart Crane is a psychiatrist in West Texas. He and his wife, Helen, live in Double Diamond south of Alpine.
  • Lorilee London is from Illinois, but now lives in Fort Davis. She says she was into “old school” when it was new.
  • Bret Scott is an Assistant Professor of Communication at Sul Ross.
  • Kay Wilde lives in Alpine near her daughters with her husband. She is currently working on music for her play.
  • Beckie Hagerman recently moved with her family to the wide open beauty of Far West Texas from Baltimore, MD.
  • Michael Amerson from Missouri City, Texas. He studies theatre at Sul Ross State University.
  • Melissa Amparan went to school at Sul Ross, and currently serves as the Assistant Director of Financial aid. She’s also the assistant to the Blind Bard who writes for the Big Bend Sentinel.  
  • Josie Mixon is a poet and writer who has recently moved to Fort Davis from San Antonio. She ran a poetry venue for ten years in San Antonio.

Friday, Nov 17, 2017:
Hospice Midland’s Jacquie Burklow Discusses the End of Life

In this episode of West Texas Talk, we discuss a taboo topic: death and what matters at the end of life. Jacquie Burklow of Hospice Midland talks about options for end of life care, the importance of grief and some of the incredible moments she’s witnessed over 20 years of working in hospice.

Thursday, Nov 16, 2017:
Historian John Klingemann on the Mexican Revolution

John Klingemann is a Professor in the History Department at Angelo State university. Dr. Klingemann grew up in the Bend Bend, and became interested in the learning about the Mexican Revolution because of familial ties to its history.

In this episode, Klingemann discusses some of the reasons behind the revolution, and its ultimate impact on Mexico.

Wednesday, Nov 15, 2017:
Geologist Peter Hennings on Texas Earthquakes

Over the last decade, there’s been a sharp increase in earthquakes across Texas. On tonight’s episode of West Texas Talk, we speak with geologist Peter Hennings about why this is happening. Dr. Hennings is a Principal Investigator and Geology Lead at the Center for Integrated Seismicity Research. He helps run the TexNet Seismic Monitoring Project, a statewide earthquake monitoring system. TexNet has added 22 new permanent seismic monitors to the state’s 18 already existing stations, and is in the process of deploying 40 additional portable seismic monitors in key areas where earthquakes have been detected. This research is a collaboration between UT-Austin’s Bureau of Economic Geology, Institute for Geophysics, and Department of Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering, as well as SMU’s North Texas Seismicity Study Group, and the Department of Petroleum Engineering at Texas A&M University. Nearly a dozen petroleum companies are also partnering to conduct research and share data.

For information about seismic monitors and earthquakes near you, check out the TexNet Earthquake Catalog, an interactive map of seismic activity across the state.

Tuesday, Nov 14, 2017:
Professor Rebecca Babcock On Writing Centers and Disabilities

On this edition of West Texas Talk, a conversation with Rebecca Babcock

Babcock is a William and Ordelle Watts Professor of English, Director of Undergraduate Research, Chair of The Department of Literature and Languages at The University of Texas of the Permian Basin.

In the interview, Babcock speaks about the different types of writing centers available as well as her latest book, Writing Centers and Disabilities. 

Friday, Nov 10, 2017:
Kathleen Shafer – Author of “Marfa: The Transformation of a West Texas Town”

On tonight’s episode of West Texas Talk, a conversation with artist, writer and geographer Kathleen Shafer, who wrote the book, “Marfa: The Transformation of a West Texas Town.” Shafer talks about how the town has changed since artist Donald Judd arrived in the 70s, and what the Marfa brand stands for today. Shafer wrote about the town as an outsider, but she recently transitioned from being a sometime-visitor to a full-time resident.